Length: Each module is about one hour long.

Who: The modules are designed for health professionals and trainees

What: There are twelve modules in four categories.

What’s included: Each module includes a case, opportunities for self-reflection, descriptions of the evidence supporting the skill, hyperlinks to original articles and resources, links to FREE MP3 recordings so you can experience the practice and develop a new skill, and links to resources. This interactive, experiential learning is designed to help you develop new skills quickly and easily. It is highly recommended that you practice each skill at least five times for a week or more before moving ahead to the next skill.

Certificate:  Upon completion of each module, you will fill out a brief evaluation, take a post test, and receive a printable Continuing Education Certificate.  A correct score of 70% or higher is required on the post test to receive credit and the module certificate.

Order: You may take the modules in any order. However, we suggest that beginners start with the Introduction to Stress, Resilience and Relaxation Response module, which covers the context for many of the other modules.

Review: Completed modules remain available in your account for review and reference in the future.

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1.0 Continuing Education Credit Hour

This module provides : 1. Self-assessment: How relaxed and effective are we? 2. What are the physiologic effects of practicing the relaxation response? How might regular practice affect comm ... (Read More)

1.0 Continuing Education Credit Hour

This module provides: 1. Self-assessment: How is your emotional balance right now? (note that future modules provide opportunities to reflect on mindfulness and self-compassion) 2. What are t ... (Read More)